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COVID-19 Poses a Significant Threat to Many Industries

COVID-19 can spread rapidly throughout many different kinds of organizations. The CDC states that high-risk workplaces include any setting with prolonged contact with coworkers, congregate living facilities, and any workplace with individuals over 50 years old. Because of this, COVID testing for businesses is critical to work to identify and halt the spread of COVID-19.

Testing is Still Needed for Vaccinated Individuals

According to the CDC, the risk of infection is much lower for vaccinated individuals, but the infection and spread of COVID is still possible. The evidence is clear — along with the spread of COVID-19 variants and a large percentage of adults not being vaccinated, testing is still needed for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Curative Helps You Protect Your Business From COVID-19

With Curative COVID testing, you can quickly get the health information you and your employees need to keep your workplace and customers safe. Order today so that your entire company can receive COVID-19 testing and give staff and their families peace of mind.

Curative offers testing for many different industries including:

COVID Testing for Schools and Universities

COVID Testing for Hotels

COVID Testing for Offices

COVID Testing for Fulfillment Centers

COVID Testing for Nursing Homes

...and more

See if your organization is a good fit for COVID-19 testing.

Streamlined Testing for

Organizations Across the Country

The Curative team was great to work with. They were accommodating, flexible, and worked with the University to provide testing services in a manner which was in line with the ever-changing University operations amidst the shifting landscape associated with the pandemic. They proved to be a great collaborator during what was an incredibly trying time for everyone.

Partnering with Curative has provided Clínica Mi Salud the unique opportunity to help our people during one of the most difficult times in our community. Throughout this pandemic, along with Curative, we have been able to administer over 20,000 tests, contributing in this way to stopping the spread.

University of St. Thomas, Texas

Clínica Mi Salud

What is the Test?

PCR COVID-19 testing is a convenient, self-collected way to test for SARS-CoV-2 that makes it accessible and comfortable for anyone.

The test uses a self-collected shallow nasal swab that is observed and directed by a health care worker. Collected in 15-30 seconds, this test is non-invasive and can be used in facilities both small and large. More information on intended use can be found here.

Get a Turnkey COVID-19 Testing Solution

Simple and Comfortable

Sample Collection

Self-Collected Sample, Observed and Directed by a Health Care Worker

Free Shipping & Sample Collection Training, Observed and Directed by a Health Care Worker

24-48 Hour Digital Results

Quickly Receive Test Kits & Free Training

Once you request an order of PCR COVID-19 tests, we immediately start working on getting them delivered to you with speed.

Your organization will also receive free training on how to safely and effectively self-collect samples with the direction and observation of a health care worker. From the moment you sign up, your organization can be fully prepared on how to test in the next 24 hours.

Free Shipping & Quick Results

Once the tests arrive, you can seamlessly integrate testing into your normal business operations and make it as convenient as possible for your organization.

Curative then provides logistic support to ensure that tests make it back to our labs safely, including return shipping labels and instructions on how to properly package the tests. Our labs will process the tests quickly and send your company individual digital results in 24-48 hours.

Curative has successfully managed over 15,000 testing sites and is prepared to deliver a turnkey testing solution for your team.

Simple, Upfront Pricing

Provide the testing your organization needs with simple upfront pricing and no additional bills. We take care of the training, shipping, and public health reporting while you and those you work with have convenient testing and a way to fight the spread of COVID-19. 

How Your Organization Can Safely Self-Collect Test Samples

We make testing as easy and comfortable as possible so that anyone can complete it confidently.

Open the bag and remove the swab package and tube. Peel open the swab package and remove the swab.

Hold the swab on its score line. Gently insert the swab into one of your nostrils about ½ an inch until the tip of the swab is no longer visible. Rotate the swab around the walls of the nostril for 15-30 seconds. Repeat in the other nostril.

Uncap the lid of the tube and insert the swab, tip pointing down.

Securely cap the tube and turn it upside down several times to mix specimen with tube solution.

Place the tube in the biohazard bag and

seal the top.

Return the bag to a supervisor.

Curative’s Beginnings

Founded by Fred Turner, Isaac Turner, and Vlad Slepnev in January 2020, Curative was initially set up to develop a new sepsis test. When the pandemic escalated in March 2020, we decided to focus on creating a rapidly scalable COVID-19 testing process to help flatten the curve and save lives.

Since then, we have been partnering with communities across the US to provide testing through turnkey programs, streamlined patient experiences, and scalable infrastructure, making health services easier to access for everyone.

Our Continued Work

Our scalable infrastructure has allowed us to grow to over 5,000 employees, as we serve communities across the country.

We currently have over 16,000 collection sites throughout the United States and run labs in California, Washington, D.C. (the largest COVID-19 lab in the country), and Texas.

Curative continues to develop effective healthcare solutions that keep communities safe, healthy, and informed.




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